Peddler Agreement

In order to use the PeddlerPusher™ site you must agree to the following:

  1. Not to use this site for any fraudolent or illegal purpose.
  2. Refrain from spamming users of this site. Spamming will result in the inmediate termination of your account.
  3. Refrain from artificially inflating the price of your item by bidding on the item yourself.
  4. When selling an item, to conclude the sale with the highest bidder.
  5. When buying an item, to purchase the item upon receiving notification that you are the highest bidder.
  6. Not to compile a list of e-mail addresses of users of this site for the purpose of solicitation (see item 4 on spamming).
  7. Refrain from listing any adult (i.e. x-rated) materials containing hardcore pornography.

Terms & Conditions

The following Rules and Terms and Conditions govern the use of the PeddlerPusher™ site. Please read these rules carefully. If there is anything that you do not understand or are unsure of, please refere to Peddling101™. See PeddlerServices™. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.


DO NOT REGISTER more than once, using different mailbox or different rea lworld information, for bidding on your own auction. This is strictly prohibited and will result in the inmediate termination of your membership. The MasterPeddler™ has your real world information and will be monitoring PeddlerRegistrations™ at all times; so make sure you keep it current. There is a form in PeddlerServices™ to keep your real world information up to date.

Not honoring your bids is strictly prohibited. When RegisteredPeddler™s puts an item up for auction they are counting on selling that item.

This also applies to the RegisteredPeddler™ posting the item. If you do not want to sell the item, DO NOT POST IT.

If there is a Buyer bidding on your item that has not honored their past bids, post this information in PeddlerProfile™ and you may retract the bid by using the retract-a-bid form found in PeddlerServices™. DO NOT OUTBID THEM.

Justice at

The MasterPeddler™ will monitor this. This service is provided for the sole purpose of keeping the unsavory away from the PeddlerPusher™ auction site. If you have a problem with a RegisteredPeddler™, you may e-mail Justice and state your case.

Here are a few examples:

  1. A RegisteredPeddler™ is in a bidding frenzy and is not honoring his bids and you have exhausted all means of trying to contact him.
  2. A RegisteredPeddler™ gave you a phony credit card number or a bad check or somehow physically cheated you out of your item, or sent you an item other than what was posted.

In order for the Justice to keep the PeddlePusher™ Auction Online the happiest place on the Internet , please follow these guidelines. All MasterPeddler™ decisions will be final.

If you need to speak to the MasterPeddler™, e-mail you phone number and reason to Justice at


PeddlerPusher™ provides auction services on an “as is” and “as available” basis. PeddlerPusher™ hereby disclaims all warranties including :

  1. Warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose for goods and services listed on and provided by the site, and
  2. warranty the goods sold on the site do not infringe any intellectual property rights of another.

PeddlerPusher™ does not verify any listing. User assumes all risks related to the reliability of the listing, whether or not the purchase transaction is listed properly or completed and the quality, quantity, availability of the goods offered for sale.


PeddlerPusher™ shall not be liable for any damages including special or consequential damages due to unavailability of the site or any innacurate or incompleted transaction regardless of prior advice by User.

PeddlerPusher™ shall not be liable to detect or prevent any unauthorized or inappropriate use of the Site. Exclusions or limitation of these warranties varies by jurisdiction thus limitation or exclusion of liability for damages may be inapplicable to you.


The laws of the State of Nevada shall govern these Terms and Conditions. Nevada Courts shal have exclusive jurisdiction over all claims and disputes arising under these Terms and Conditions. By your use of the PeddlerPusher™ site, you hereby consent to the exercise of personal jurisdiction to the State of Nevada.

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Contents of this website are the exclusive property of PeddlerPusher™ copyright ©

“PeddlerPusher” and the PeddlerPusher™ logo are trademarks of PeddlerPusher™ and may not be used without prior consent of PeddlerPusher™